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All these tools !! spanners all sizes, screw driver sets, allen key's, plier sets, vice grips, hammers, measuring tape, Stanley knives etc etc all these tools for only 800 !!! ABSOLUTE BARGAIN !! all tools in mint condition. My wi
800 01/06/2013
everything what a handyman need, or not? from 10rand
5 Bracket shelf all for 35randMini screw driver for 10randNut Driver different sizes all for 200rand2 Sledge Hammer for 200rand1 Bolt Cutter 180rand16 PCS Wrench Set Socket Set 120randLamp simply stuck outside in earth and plug in
10 01/06/2013
Stramm High Pressure Cleaner
High Pressure Cleaner,brand new,still in box.  Contact Pieter 0744922007
700 01/06/2013
1 x Window frame
Unwanted Window frame for sale. I only have one. No glass. The width is about 1950mm & the length is 1550mm. 
450 01/06/2013
Kinbar Lock with alarm siren.
Tamper proof.Batteries included,Auto Alarming and Locking System,110db Loud Alarm Siren Function
89 01/06/2013
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